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Speed Reading Strategies



Do you want to improve your speed reading skills?

Speed reading is a necessary tool for busy people who need to keep up with today’s information explosion.

Now there’s a book, based on a time-tested, popular speed reading course that helps you to be a faster, more effective speed reader.

Corporations and universities have paid thousands of dollars to the author of this book to teach these speed reading techniques to their people.

Grab a novel and some work-related or study material and start to get caught up with your reading today.


Unlock The Techniques To:

Apply Proven Speed Reading Techniques to Increase Your Reading Rates – Instantly


  • Expand the number of words you understand at a glance
  • Reduce rereading by 50% or more
  • Overcome saying the words to yourself when you read

Improve Your Comprehension – Even while Speed Reading


  • Master difficult reading material
  • Assimilate new concepts quickly
  • Use 5 easy guidelines to estimate your comprehension
  • Learn the best way to test your comprehension in any kind of material

Master Work Related Reading


  • Zip through magazines, journals and newspapers
  • Use a proven technique to handle detailed reading
  • Learn speed reading techniques for reading on the computer
  • Finish work related reading in half the time

Remember What You Read


  • Use a revolutionary system for astonishing recall
  • An essential aid for studying and exams


Who Should Read This Speed Reading Strategies Book?

  • Students
  • Business people
  • Entrepeneurs

In fact, anyone who has a lot of reading to do and wants to get ahead and stay ahead.

How is this Speed Reading Strategies Book Different From Other Speed Reading Courses?


  • CONTENT – In other courses the content tends to be dry. In Speed Reading Strategies you’ll learn exciting ways to think about reading that you can integrate easily into your life: “The ideas were fascinating and intriguing, and added something beneficial to my life.”
  • RESULTS – Speed reading makes faster readers out of slow readers, which most people are before they learn to speed read. You might find that you read some kinds of material faster than other kinds depending on your willingness to practice, what you already know about a subject you’re about to read, and your purpose for reading. Graduates of this course typically double or triple their reading rates while maintaining the same level of comprehension or increasing it by using the easy tips, tricks, and strategies (one of the techniques by itself has been proven to increase people’s reading rates 50% or more the first time they use it). And they enjoy reading again. “Anyone in school or business needs this course. I took a 10-week course and found this one more helpful and meaningful.”
  • EXPERTISE – Kathleen has more than 20 years experience teaching speed reading throughout the country. She’s also a best-selling author who knows reading and writing from “the inside out.” “Kathleen showed me how to turbo-charge my traditional way of reading using fast, fun techniques that worked right away. I tripled my speed.”


Kathleen Hawkins is a internationally acclaimed speed reading expert who has taught more than 60,000 people to increase their reading speed, improve their comprehension, and remember more of what they read.

She’s vice president of National Management Institute, a former columnist for Success magazine, and the author of four books and the best-selling program How to Organize Yourself to Win. Kathleen is a frequent guest on radio shows, and her articles on how to increase personal and professional effectiveness have appeared in more than 200 publications.

Kathleen Hawkins - Speed Reading Expert
Rave Reviews From Graduates of the Speed Reading Class On Which This Book is Based


Stephen M. Ross School of Business


  • Amazing! My 3 hour investment, which doubled my reading speed, got me 500% return on my investment in a week (about 15 hours saved). If only I could get the same return on my stocks.
  • Exceptionally helpful! I applied my new knowledge immediately. Very encouraging. Wonderful tools relevant to my MBA studies. I doubled my reading speed!
  • My reading speed went from 330 to 1150 wpm in 3 hours. Pretty good; definitely worth it. I was surprised by how much I could remember. I wish I’d had this information earlier in my academic career.
  • Fantastic! From 430 to over 1000 words per minute with very high retention. I’m amazed at how much faster I can read after just being introduced to the techniques. I’m going to kick these case studies out in half the time; then I’ll have time to read my accounting.
  • I saw immediate results even though English is my second language. I really improved my speed and comprehension using these techniques. I’ll also try them in my native language.
  • I doubled my reading rate while maintaining the same comprehension. I recommend this course to anyone who has a significant amount of reading. I’ve continued to work on the techniques over the last couple months and can’t believe how fast I’m processing information and content!



The World’s largest CEO membership Organization


  • Thank you for your excellent speed reading course. I improved 3 times and can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading. This’ll help me get through motivational reading with enthusiasm and ease.
  • The very easy techniques tripled my reading speed in a couple of hours. Reading has gone from drudgery to fun. I’m looking forward to the 2-foot high pile of reading on my desk. Thank you!
  • I love the fact that I learned something today that will benefit me personally and professionally the rest of my life.



Hi-tech solutions for industrial, datacom and storage applications


  • The best in-house class I’ve ever taken. Held my interest the entire time.
  • Instructor was humorous. Results were immediate.
  • Kathleen knows how to grab attention and motivate people. I’d absolutely recommend this class.
  • This was very beneficial; I increased my reading speed more than two-and-a-half times
  • Covered a good deal of content in digestible chunks that I was able to understand.
  • Essential for anyone who must read lots of material often and quickly.
  • I’m reading three times faster! This is a quick way to learn to be more productive. Very helpful and fun. I was astonished at the positive impact.



Leading content management provider for e-business


  • Kathleen was obviously VERY experienced in this area. She knew her stuff, was well prepared, and well organized. She did an excellent job presenting the material in an easy to follow format. What I learned will really help me on the job. I doubled my speed in 15 minutes—not too shabby.
  • A great course. All the participants doubled their speed and some increased three and four times.
  • Instant gratification! I doubled my reading speed. The skills I learned will add value to my job and personal life.


The incredible Speed Reading Strategies book that has helped thousands of people worldwide dramatically improve their reading speed

Speed Reading Strategies

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