How To Speed Read

How to speed read

Simple Steps for Increasing Your Reading Speed

If you’re a speed reader, you’ll read this entire article and be doing something else by time it takes most people to get less than half-way through it. If you haven’t had speed-reading training, your reading speed is probably under 300 words per minute (wpm). Almost anyone using just a couple speed-reading techniques can easily read twice as fast and have great comprehension.

One of the best techniques for speed reading involves moving your eyes in a rapid, flowing motion down the pages as you read. Most of us, though, are “jerky” readers (our eyes move forward for a short while and then jerk backwards to reread what we already read). Notice if you do this as you read the rest of this article.

Also notice that you probably say each word to yourself as you read. This slows you down to about the speed at which you speak, which for most people is about 225 to 300 wpm. By reading without saying the words, you can read much faster.

Ever have trouble remembering the key ideas as you read? Knowing where the important ideas are located enables you to read faster and more easily remember the key ideas. About 68% of the time, the key idea is in the opening sentence of each paragraph—in news stories and non-fiction chapters—so pay attention to the first sentence in each paragraph; if the key idea is there, make a mental note of what it is and then skim the rest of the paragraph—and you’ll read much faster.

Having a high level of focus also enables you to read faster and remember more of what you read. Two ways to improve your focus and concentration are to 1) have good posture as you read; this communicates to your brain that you mean business and intend to finish your reading in record time, and 2) read as though you have a tight deadline for finishing your reading.

Speed reading techniques commonly taught in the best courses show you how to train yourself to read quickly and smoothly and remember what you read. There are excellent speed-reading techniques to train you how to avoid subvocalizing (saying the words to yourself) and how to read in groups of words instead of reading one word at a time. It takes a little while to get used to using the speed-reading techniques because they’re a new way to read, BUT IT IS WORTH IT. An hour or two practicing the speed-reading techniques will allow you to master speed reading enough so that you can read at “warp speed” whenever you want to.

Speed reading opens up a whole new world for you because you read more in less time. You read more books, read more on the Internet, and keep up with your email. It allows you to be a more interesting person because you have the ability to learn more. Speed reading opens doors to knowledge and saves time.

If you want to start right away, for very little money, I recommend downloading my Speed Reading Made Easy eBook.  The eBook has a comprehensive summary of ALL the best techniques taught in very high-dollar professional speed-reading courses. This eBook is an easy way to learn how to speed read on a budget. You can also get the paperback book from

If you prefer learning to speed read using a computer-based software program, I’m featured on a very good one called 7 Speed Reading.

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